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Are you considering the DITALS II exam as your next step?

The DITALS II certification, released by the University for Foreigners of Siena, is the perfect choice for those who have already a good teaching experience.

The third part of the exam, Section C, is about the Theoretical knowledge of language teaching.

This section includes two different types of questions:

  • in the first part multiple choice questions and matching activities
  • in the second part two open questions

The two open questions are the input for two proper essays to write in 250-350 words.

This section lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Compared to Section C of the DITALS I exam, this section is much more complex in terms of theoretical knowledge required and ability to treat specific topics in-depth. Another difference between the two levels is that in DITALS I candidates choose a specific student profile to focus on, whilst in DITALS II they have to be ready to answer questions about any student profile.

What is the best method to get ready for this part of the exam?

Obviously, studying the bibliography is the first step to make. However, the teaching experience plays an important role for the preparation, especially for the two essays to write: knowing the theory behind is essential, but having the competence to turn theory into practice is equally crucial to be able to treat the topic showing how to apply the theory to real cases.

Well, it’s time to practice! Any suggestions to prepare this section?