If you are looking for a great Italian movie, you definitely have to watch Dogman!

Dogman is a 2018 Italian crime movie directed by Matteo Garrone that competed for the Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival, where Marcello Fonte won the Best Actor award.

The movie is inspired by a true story that took place in 1988 in a run-down suburb just outside Rome.

The protagonist, Marcello, also called “il Canaro“, is a kind man who owns a dog grooming shop and is well integrated in the local community.

In order to increase his income, he sells cocaine to some acquaintances and also takes part in some little crimes to help his friends.

One of them is Simone, a violent former boxer who constantly frightens people in the town.

Marcello always tries to satisfy his requests and never contradicts him: this is the only way to get along with him and keep him calm.

However, Simone decides to involve Marcello in one of his criminal plans and this breaks the balance between them, causing an unexpected end.


Why is Dogman so incredible?

Matteo Garrone tells about a desolate place, where people just tries to survive and not to be overpowered by others.

This is the only thing that drives people, who have to protect themselves and fight against their fear.

No mutual support or solidarity are part of their life, which ends up as a constant fight agains others.

In this background the Canaro’s story is described as a private revenge more than a brutal offence, going deep into the protagonist’s soul and the real essence of his crime.

The spectacular photography by Nicolaj Brüel perfectly reflects this forgotten corner of the world, softening the edges of an unbearably tough reality.

So if you want to watch something great in Italian, we definitely recommend this fantastic movie!

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