Follow our live streaming with Donatella Di Pietrantonio on the 21st May at 7pm (Italy time)!

Donatella Di Pietrantonio is an outstanding Italian author, currently finalist in one of the most important Italian literary prizes, called Premio Strega.

She works as a dentist in Abruzzo, a region in Central Italy, but since when she was a child she has always pursued her passion for writing: in 2011 she published her first book, Mia madre è un fiume, followed by Bella mia, inspired to the catastrophic earthquake that destroyed L’Aquila, in Abruzzo.

Then, in 2017 L’Arminuta was another great success: literally “the girl returned”, this book is the story of a girl sent back from the parents who raised her to her original family. Di Pietrantonio’s expressive intensity carves the relationship between her and Adriana, her sister, who she had never met before: completely different yet so close, their strong bond is the core of this unforgettable story.

Borgo Sud (2021), is the continuation of the previous novel: the two sisters are protagonists again for a deep, introspective story that makes the reader think about universal topics.

The region where all the books are set, Abruzzo, is not only the background: it’s a fascinating land, one of the main thread of the plot, the place where characters deeply belong and that shapes their personality and their lives.

What are we going to talk about with the author?

We will have a nice chat with Donatella Di Pietrantonio about her narrative and the most important topics of her works, included the origin of her unforgettable female characters.

We will also talk about the role of literature and ask the author how we could inspire our students to make them read some Italian books.

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See you on the 21st May at 7pm (Italy time)!


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