Is Dormir a pierna suelta the right Spanish idiom for you?

“Dormir a pierna suelta” is a very nice idiom to learn.

Its literal meaning refers to the story behind this idiomatic expression.

In the past prisoners had shackles around their ankles so that they couldn’t escape.

If a prisoner behaved well, the reward was the possibility to sleep one night without chains.

So “dormía a pierna suelta“, which literally means that he “slept with free legs”.

We would translate the idiom as “to sleep deeply” and in English we would say “sleep like a log”.

So this expression is good when you sleep very well and feel very energetic in the morning: it perfectly expresses the idea!

Let’s see some examples.

Spanish English
Para Rosa es imposible dormir a pierna suelta porque padece insomnio. For Rosa sleeping like a log is impossible because she suffers from insomnia.
Dormí a pierna suelta y hoy me siento muy descansado. I slept like a log and today I feel very refreshed.
Sin ninguna preocupación él dormía a pierna suelta. Without any worries he slept like a log.


Do you know a similar expression in your language?

It would be really interesting to compare similar idioms!

And, of course, try to make some examples with the Spanish expression to get more confident.

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