Ready for Easter 2021 in Italy?

Easter 2021 in Italy will be different from the traditional celebration: due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the country will be in lockdown and gatherings will be prohibited.

Therefore for the second year people will stay at home and find a nice way to spend their holidays.

The good news is that there are many lovely online events to join for adults and children!

And the amazing thing is that all these events are in Italian, so you have a a great chance to practise having fun and discovering something new about the Italian language and culture.

Let’s discover the best events!

If your children get easily bored while at home, surprise them with two fantastic online shows organised by Fondazione Aida: a perfect way to spend some time and enjoy amazing stories!

And what about an interactive game show? You can buy a ticket for the whole family and take part in an unusual adventure on the 31st March!

Easter 2021 in Italy online events

Are you a music lover? You have a great choice of online concerts to enjoy: from the Concerto di Pasqua at Teatro Regio di Torino, to the amazing concerts in streaming of Teatro La Fenice in Venice or the one organised by Orchestra della Toscana.

In addition, the Festival di Pasqua di Montepulciano will be in streaming from the 4th to the 18h April with music and talks about literature and culture.

If you like cooking, you might want to join a special cooking class about the Easter menu: there’s no better way to celebrate than having a rich Easter lunch at home!

You won’t get bored: browse through these nice events and plan to take part in some of them!

Which one do you prefer?


If you want to read more about Easter follow this link.


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