Have you already enjoyed Eat ViTA Italian Shop?

Eat ViTA Italian Shop is the perfect online store for all those who love the Italian products and want to feel in Italy: they offer a variety of selected food and wines and once you’ve shopped with them, you won’t be able to live without their top quality ingredients!

For example, you can find super fresh fruit and vegetables imported from Italy as well as different types of cheese and cured meat that come to London twice per week, in order to make sure that you will receive only the best on the market.

If you browse through their website, you can also find great olive oil, baking ingredients, a rich deli section, delicious chocolates, many different wines and much more! So either if you are Italian and want to feel at home or if you just appreciate great quality Italian products to use, this is the perfect shop for you!

What is our deal with Eat ViTA about?

As you might know, we like offering some deals to our students: a nice way to spread the word about Italian shops and restaurants that we love and also to let students save money while enjoying their favourite food!

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If you are a Happy Languages member card holder and shop on Eat ViTA’s website, contact us to receive your promo code and get 10% discount on your order!  Once you have completed your order and chosen your preferred delivery date, you will receive your groceries straight to your door!


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