Do you understand the Spanish idiom “echar una mano“?

We are talking about an expression that Spanish speakers use a lot: “echar una mano” is really common and you have probably heard it many times.

If you enjoy learning Spanish idioms, this is a very good one to add to your vocabulary: easy to use and quite useful when speaking with family and friends! The reason why it’s so important to learn is that its meaning is something extremely common to say: it is used to offer help to someone, “to give a hand”, or “to help out” in English.

Have a look at some examples!

Spanish English
Podría echar una mano en las faenas de la casa. I could help out with the housework.
¿Me echas una mano con mi tarea? Can you give me a hand with my homework?
Échame una mano con esto. Es tan grande que no puedo llevarlo yo solo. Help me out with this. It’s so big that I can’t carry it on my own.


And if you are travelling to a Spanish speaking country and you need help…there is nothing better than ask someone “¿Me puedes echar una mano?“. Therefore you can use it in everyday conversation without too many difficulties!

In Spanish there are quite a lot of idioms with parts of the body: in this case “mano” is “hand” but you can discover many more! If you are curious watch this lovely video! We are pretty sure that you will enjoy it and learn something new.

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