Thinking of eco-friendly holidays this year?

Eco-friendly holidays are getting more and more popular as the concern for the environment rises.

There are quite a lot of things to pay attention to and many sustainable ways to travel.

For example, transport and accommodation are to be chosen carefully if you want to respect the environment.

The first step to make would be reducing flights.

However, you can pay a service to offset the carbon from your flights and, once you reach your destination, choose a sustainable location and avoid polluting transport.

But if you have alternatives to flights…go for them!

Here you have our top 5 eco-friendly holidays, have a look!

Amsterdam is the most environmentally-friendly destination: very low production of carbon per person and, once there, you can go around by bike.

And you can stay in one of the Conscious Hotels, all made with sustainable and recyclable materials and careful to pick the best green suppliers in town for energy, products and food.

Otherwise, why don’t you choose to stay in a woodman’s cabin in France?

If you are keen on spending some time in a beautiful nature in Dordogne, this is the most eco-friendly solution.

Only solar power and a wood burning stove for this incredible little house.

Also, you won’t find Wi-Fi or television but boats and rafts to enjoy a lovely little lake nearby.

Do you want to explore Europe by train?

Switzerland is a perfect destination for you!

You can reach it by train, through a beautiful journey you will love.

When you arrive you will be spoilt for choice with many eco-friendly activities such as a little cruise on Lake Thun or cycling in the nature.

And then go for the Glacier Express,  a terrific train ride from Zermatt to St.Moritz.

In love with Tenerife?

Even if you have to travel by plane, the flight produces a low quantity of carbon free village.

Also, you can stay at Las Casas Bioclimaticas, first carbon free village in the world!

Last but not least, you might like to stay in a totally eco-friendly hotel in Swedish Lapland.

The Icehotel is made with the ice borrowed from the Torne River.

In spring, when it melts, it goes back to the source and then it is rebuilt in winter!

So, where are you heading to?


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