Once somebody said “If Italy was a house, Emilia-Romagna would be surely its kitchen.” – if you ask Italians they will agree with this statement, in particular if they were born and raised there! (As the author of this post, of course)

Emilia – Romagna is so rich in gastronomy that each city has its own speciality and shows it very proudly.

Here a list of the main specialities for each city.

Bologna, the region town, is famous mostly for tortellini, a delicious kind of meat filled pasta that you can eat in chicken soup or with salted cream.

Ferrara is very proud of its particular bread, la coppia, which is double horn-shaped: somebody says you cannot bake this kind of bread but in Ferrara, because its unique taste is given by the high percentage of humidity in the air of the city.

Modena joins this challenge with its aceto balsamico, which you know for sure: an elegant sweet and sour dressing for salad which can be used also for decorating your pizza or dessert.

Reggio Emilia is very close to Modena and Parma and shares some specialities with them. One of its specialities is for sure the erbazzone, a rustic pie made of eggs, cheese and herbs.

Forlì – Cesena, have a lot of specialities, one of these are the strozzapreti (“priests chokers”) a main pasta dish whose name underlines the anticlerical characteristic of this area.

Rimini is famous for its beach resorts and its lively nightlife, but nothing is as famous as piadina, a sort of flat bread made of water, flour, salt and lard, which is usually filled with ham or rocket and a typical soft cheese called stracchino.

Ravenna has a cooking tradition which is influenced by its sweet hills and see, so offers dishes made of fresh fish and continental products as well. We find pappardelle as its main speciality, a sort of long and tight stripes pasta.

Parma plays its role in the game with its unique prosciutto crudo, not just a sort of raw ham, but the king of raw ham. Its taste is not to described, you just have to try it!

Piacenza is very close to Lombardia, and its cooking tradition is influenced by this proximity. Its main speciality is the gnocco fritto, a sort of fried bread filled with delicious ham, whose authorship is contested among different cities.