“Encontrar tu media naranja” is a lovely Spanish Idiom!

If you heard someone using “Encontrar tu media naranja“, you are probably wondering about its meaning.

Spanish idiomatic expressions are really meaningful and effective.

And it is nice to use them in conversation with your Spanish friends!

Can you translate this idiom? 

Literally it means “to find your half orange”…but it’s not about food!

We can use it to say that someone has found the ideal partner, the perfect soul mate.

In English we would say “to find your other half”.

In the Spanish expression this is represented by the orange split in two: everything is about finding the other half!

Let’s see some examples!

Spanish English
Estoy muy contento de que hayas encontrado a tu media naranja. I’m really happy because you have found your soul mate.
Estoy segura de que esta vez en Francisco he encontrado mi media naranja. I’m sure this time I have found my other half with Francisco.
Todavía no ha encontrado su media naranja. He hasn’t found his half yet.

A romantic way to express the need to find the perfect partner, someone who can complete us!

Can you make other examples using this idiom?

It’s quite easy to find the right situations to use it!

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