Estar como una rosa is a nice Spanish idiom: have you ever seen it?

If you have heard someone using the expression Estar como una rosa, you might have thought many different things: you probably knew that “rosa” is a rose, but what does it mean in this expression?

Well, sometimes things are not what they seem, especially in idiomatic expressions! Therefore we need to interpret the idiom rather than translating it word by word: most of the time translating is misleading and doesn’t help understand the meaning behind.

This idiom means “to be in good health”, or “to be full of energy” and corresponds to the English “to be as fresh as a daisy”. So we normally use it when someone looks healthy and fresh: for example, we can say it to stress that someone looks great, bright and rested.

Read some nice examples!

Spanish English
Mi abuela tiene más de 80 años, pero está como una rosa. My grandmother is more than 80 years old, but she is as fresh as a daisy.
Desde que perdí 10 kilos estoy como una rosa! Since I lost 10 kilograms I am as fresh as a daisy!
Pablo no ha dormido nada y aún así, está como una rosa. Pablo didn’t sleep at all, even so he’s as fresh as a daisy.


Can you think of other examples with this idiom? It’s not difficult: you can think of the last time that you met a friend and said something similar in your language! Trying to put into practice the new idioms that you learn is the best way to get more familiar with them.

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