Estar hasta las narices is a nice Spanish idiom: have you ever heard it?

It’s always challenging when it comes to idioms and “estar hasta las narices” is a difficult one!

As usual, idioms are an essential part of a foreign language: without these amazing expressions the way we speak is more flat and impersonal, whilst using idioms means adding a lot of meaning to what we say!

This idiom it’s a very useful expression to use in Spanish and once you learn it you will never forget it.

If you translate it word by word, the result might not be clear: “to be up the nostrils” doesn’t correspond to a similar English way to say, therefore we need to go further.

Let’s see what’s its real meaning!

This idiom means that you are sick and tired of something, so it would be similar to the English “to be fed up”.

These useful examples will clarify how to use it!

Spanish English
Estoy hasta las narices de esa clase. I’m fed up with this class.
Chicos, yo paso el cine, estoy hasta la narices de Woody Allen. Guys, I skip the cinema, I am fed up of Woody Allen.
Lola está hasta las narices de oír a los políticos. Lola is fed up with listening to politicians.


As you can see, we use this idiom followed by “de”, which is “of”.

The use is not different from the English phrase: starting using it won’t be too complicated then!

So when you are really fed up with something, now you know how to express your feeling!

Can you think of the last time you wanted to say that?

Try to make a sentence!

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