Estar Hecho Un Ají is a funny Spanish Idiom you will love!

There are situations when “Estar hecho un ají” will turn out to be the perfect expression to use!

Can you imagine what kind of situations?

Well…you know that Spanish is a very evocative language with many lovely idiomatic expressions.

In order to be able to use them, we just need to find the right key to understand their meaning.

Sometimes is just a matter of going beyond the literal meaning!

What is the literal translation of “Estar Hecho Un Ají”?

This idiom literally means “to be made into a chili pepper”.

What does it make you think of?

Considering how spicy a chili pepper is, it refers to someone who gets very angry!

Therefore you can use this idiomatic expression to refer to someone who is furious about something.

It is not difficult to use it then!

The English equivalent is “to be hopping mad”.

So let’s see some nice examples!

Spanish English
Por qué estás hecho un ají? Solamente estaba hablando con una amiga. Why are you hopping mad? I was just talking with a girlfriend.
No le gustó el resultado. Está hecho un ají. He didn’t like the outcome. He’s hopping mad.
Mi hermano está hecho un ají porque perdió su equipo favorito.  My brother is furious because his favourite team lost.


Now it’s your turn!

Think about someone you know who is very angry about a situation and try to make a sentence.

At the beginning you might find it hard, but step by step you will use this idiom more and more naturally.

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