What idiomatic expression would you use in Spanish if you are penniless? Well, if someone invites you to go out but you don’t have any money, you can say: “estoy sin blanca“!

This common idiom comes from a coin introduced in 1386 called Blanca del Agnus Dei, which was a coin of little value made of copper. If a person was “sin blanca” (without any blanca) it meant that he had no money at all.

Let’s see some examples to use this expression!

Spanish English
Lo siento chicos, no esta vez, estoy sin blanca. Sorry guys, not this time, I am broke.
No puedo ir al paseo porque estoy sin blanca. I can’t go on the trip because I am broke.
Ha gastado todos su ahorros para comprar un coche y ahora está sin blanca. He has spent all his savings to buy a car and now he is penniless.


What would you say in your language? Would you use a similar idiomatic expression?