Did you enjoy Eurovision 2021?

Eurovision 2021 took place in Rotterdam on 22nd May and was a terrific show as usual! The Eurovision Song Contest is an international music festival born in Lugano in 1956 to entertain and connect all the European countries. After last year cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year it was great to watch it!

Great music and fabulous scenography: the contest did not let the audience down this year, giving people the opportunity to live a unique experience. The competition was hard and a lot of singers were really terrific but…at the and, Italy won!

Do you know the Italian winner?

The Italian 4-pieces band Måneskin have won with the song “Zitti e buoni” scoring 524 points and bringing the victory back to Italy after 31 years. The last Italian singer who won it in 1990 was Toto Cutugno with the song “Insieme:1992”.

Måneskin is a Danish word which means “moonlight”…but why they chose it? The reason is that their bass player is half Danish, so they picked a word from her mother tongue.

They come from Rome, where they used to perform in the streets of the city centre and in 2017 became famous after taking part in X Factor, popular talent show: they jumped to the second place of the chart and started their path towards the success.


They have taken part in many music events in Italy and TV programmes and, in 2019, they performed at The Dome in London.

So it didn’t take long before they conquered the audience with their rock and incredible performances: in 2021, before Eurovision, they won the Festival di Sanremo, which is the most important and traditional music contest in Italy.

In March 2021 they also released their second album “Teatro d’ira – Vol.1”, which is already on top of the music charts.

Curious about their music? Search them on Spotify and listen to some songs!