What would you learn in our Elementary Evening Italian Courses in London about shopping? 

Going shopping is one of the topics studied during the Evening Italian Courses in London at Happy Languages: definitely a very useful one especially if you are crazy about nice clothes!

If you are learning Italian in London and want to get ready for your holiday in Italy, this is the perfect video tutorial to watch!



Hi guys, welcome to a new video tutorial from Happy Languages.

Today we are going to do some shopping in Italy. If you are in a shop in Italy and you want to ask for that blue shirt you saw in the window, what do you say? You say:

Mi scusi, posso vedere la camicia blu in vetrina per favore? (Excuse me, can I have a look at the blue shirt in the window?)

And if you want to ask for another size, you say:

Posso provare la taglia 50, per favore? (Can I have a size 50?)

Then, maybe you want to ask for the fitting room. What do you say?

Mi scusi, dov’è il camerino? (Excuse me, where is the fitting room?)

And if you want the shirt in a different color, what do you say?

Mi scusi, ce l’ha di un altro colore? (Excuse me, do you have this in another colour?)

And what if you want to ask for a discount? You say:

Posso avere un po’ di sconto per favore? (Can I have a discount please?)

And then you can ask how you can pay for that shirt. You can say:

Posso pagare con il bancomat? (Can I pay with a debit card?)

Posso pagare con la carta di credito? (Can I pay with a credit card?)

Posso pagare in contanti? (Can I pay with cash?)

And then, before leaving the shop, what do you say?

Grazie, arrivederci! (Thank you, goodbye)

Thank you for watching the video and see you next time. Bye!


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