Looking for Evening Italian Courses in London?

Our next term of Evening Italian Courses in London will start in January!

As usual, we have a wide range of courses for any levels.

Before you enrol, we strongly recommend to contact us and have a chat to make sure that you choose the right course.

If you have studied Italian for around 45 hours, our Elementary 1 course should be the one!

It will start from the 29th January and will take place from 7pm to 8.30 pm for 10 weeks.

According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), this course corresponds to the beginning of the A2 level.

What is the Elementary 1 course about?

It is a very interesting course that will make you progress very quickly.

You will study new grammar topics and vocabulary.

The course starts talking about family: in order to do that you will go through all the useful vocabulary and study possessives.

Then you will move to shopping!

You will learn a lot of new words about shops, clothing, accessories, materials…and you will get ready to make your purchases in Italian.

This means learning all the useful expressions to use in a shop.

After that, you will start studying another past tense: the Imperfetto.

You will talk about past memories from childhood, past habits and situations.

This will make you think about the difference between the Imperfetto and the Passato Prossimo.

So many new things to learn!

We are pretty sure that you will enjoy the course a lot!

You teacher will choose lovely and fun activities to practice and will support you at any stage.

And don’t forget our useful online resources and video tutorials!

It will be good to have tips, quiz and other amazing resources to check before, during and after your course!

Did you make up your mind?

See you in January!