Our evening Italian courses in London are restarting from the 27th January!

If you would like to browse some evening Italian courses in London, at Happy Languages you will be spoilt for choice.

We offer a wide range of courses so that you can go through the contents and choose the best option.

Normally we consider an approximate number of hours attended to enrol in a course.

For example, if you have studied Italian for 90 hours you can go for the Intermediate 1 course.

This course corresponds to the first part of the B1 level, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

It will start from the 27th January and last for 10 weeks.

Every week you will attend 1 hour and 30 minutes lesson, from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Let’s see what you will learn!

Having just completed the A2 level, a short revision of the main topics will be a good start.

Then you will move to the Trapassato Prossimo, a new past tense that you will practice talking about a misadventure.

Using all the past tenses studied will be very useful to better understand the differences and how to mix them.

Then you will study some Pronominal Verbs such as “pensarci”, “parlarne” and more.

You will focus on the difference between Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto of “sapere” and “conoscere”: two verbs that have a similar meaning but follow a specific rule.

Talking about ecology and environment, we will then introduce the Congiuntivo Presente (Present Subjunctive).

You will practice expressing your opinion, hope and wishes and see some of the most common cases in which we can use this tense.

And towards the end of the course you will also study the Passive Form of the verb and practise with lovely activities!

Too many things to learn? Don’t be scared, you will have time to use all these new topics with nice games and a lot of conversation!

Don’t wait any longer, we will be waiting for you!