Our evening Italian courses in London are always fun!

If you take part in our evening Italian courses in London, there will be many lovely activities to practise the language.

We believe that it is always important to start a course having fun.

This is why we try many different warm-up activities.

These activities have a very specific purpose: letting students know each other a little bit and feeling at ease in the classroom.

Expectations, fears, worries…everything bad is wiped out in minutes!

How did we start our Elementary 2 course?

The first activity of our Elementary 2 course was a really nice one: a speed date!

Everybody knows what a speed date is, so it was really easy to introduce the activity.

The first important thing to pay attention to is the setting: couples have to be seated in front of each other.

Another essential thing to say is that they have 2 minutes to speak only in Italian.

At the end of the 2 minutes students have to stand up, move and start speaking with another classmate.

You can apply the technique that you find more appropriate to change couples.

The best thing to manage the activity is setting a timer: its sound will clearly mark the end of the time given.

And once students start…everything is just easy and fun!

What to talk about?

The activity can be totally free or a bit more structured.

If it’s free, students can talk about random topics just to get to know each other.

If we want them to talk about specific topics, these have to be given before they start.

At the end of the activity, we can spend a few minutes asking them if they have found something in common with the students they talked to or if they have been impressed by something they have been told.

It’s a nice way to create a good atmosphere and kick off the course!