Do you know the Italian expression “fare il chilo”?

“Fare il chilo” is one of the fantastic idioms we use in Italian.

Normally it’s not possible to find a better way to express an idea than using an idiom.

Idioms are just perfect when we want to sum up something complex with a few words and have the power to say exactly what we mean.

The interesting thing is discovering the Italian culture through them.

So, let’s find out what “fare il chilo”means!

If you enjoy a little nap after lunch, you must have heard it!

Its literal meaning is “to make the kilo”… so it is easy to understand that its real meaning is more figurative.

It actually means “to have a rest, a nap”, especially after lunch.

In Italy, similarly to other warm countries around the Mediterranean Sea, taking a nap after lunch is quite common.

This is definitely related to the climate: it is not hard to imagine how warm it can be in summer after lunch.

Well, with that heat the only thing to do is to take a rest!

However, the habit of sleeping after lunch is also a cultural feature: in those countries life flows slower than in others and people have a more relaxed lifestyle.

So, if they can, they make some time to take a nap after lunch before going back to their usual activities.

And now some examples!

Italian English
Dopo un pranzo così ricco, vado a fare il chilo! After such a rich lunch, I’m going to take a nap!
È troppo caldo per uscire, facciamo il chilo! It is too hot to go out, let’s take a rest!

Do you have a similar idiom in your language?

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