Maybe you have already heard about Ferrara, a small, middle-aged city in Emilia-Romagna, near Bologna. But probably not, and that’s a pity!

Ferrara is a small city that deserves great attention for its numerous historical attractions and landscapes, beyond its great food tradition which you should definitely try. The city is well known for many reasons, but the most curious is the important role played by its uncontested protagonist on wheels: the bicycle. When we think about a city flooded with bicycle we immediately think about Amsterdam, but did you know that Ferrara overtakes them?

Ferrara is the Italian city where the use of the bike is one of the highest in all Europe: in 1991 the percentage of its use was of the 30,7% against the 30% of Copenhagen and the 27,8% of Holland. In 2000 a survey realized by DataBank has underlined that 30,9% of the population of Ferrara keeps on using the bycicle but the population of cyclists is the 89,5% of its 130.000 inhabitants. At every access of the city you can find the signal “Ferrara città delle biciclette“, because is one of the most popular cities for the bikes in Italy and Europe and for its integration of numerous cycling lanes in the urban plan and its facilitations for cyclists.

In Ferrara it is easy to rent a bike to go around the city and explore the surroundings, which comprehends valley landscapes and reach the Adriatic sea along the Po river. Get wonderfully lost in the narrow streets, explore the magnificent churches and the Jewish neighborhood, taste the particular bread named coppia, spend a day in Comacchio, a little town Venice alike in Emilia-Romagna, enjoy the various festivals that take place in different moment of the year: from the festival of Internazionale, an important international magazine, to the Buskers festival that occurs every year at the end of August.

And it goes without saying, do everything exclusively by bike!