How will the Festa della Repubblica 2020 be celebrated in Italy?

The Festa della Repubblica 2020 on the 2nd June will be different from what we are used to.

The tough times Italy has been through will obviously affect the traditional events organised every year.

According to the new rules to be followed due to Covid-19 emergency, in Italy it’s not possible to gather many people for the annual celebrations.

This is why some events have been cancelled or modified in order to protect people and avoid any risks.

However, there are lovely things to do around Italy!

In addition to specific celebrations, there are some fantastic things to do to spend the bank holiday at your best!

Since the 26th May, the traditional Frecce Tricolori (National Acrobatic Team) have been flying over the Italian regions.

A spectacular tour which includes 21 flyovers in 5 days and will end up in Roma on the 2nd June.

People can see the performance from the comfort of their home or from parks and streets around the city, avoiding big crowds.

In Bologna some museums will reopen, so it will be possible to visit Rocchetta Mattei or the exhibitions in Palazzo d’Accursio and Pinacoteca Nazionale.

If you want to enjoy the nice weather, why don’t you sign up for a lovely trekking on the Appennino close to Bologna?

New tours will be available from the 30th May.

In Torino don’t miss the reopening of the Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento: it will be possible to make a guided tour to learn more about the Italian history and constitution.

In Cefalù, close to Palermo in Sicily, last chance to visit the Torri della Cattedrale (towers of the cathedral): the view is breathtaking!

Which event do you prefer?