Have you ever taken part in the Fiestas de San Lucas in Jaén?

The Fiestas de San Lucas is one of the traditional celebrations dedicated to a saint patron, very common throughout Spain: a fantastic event to discover the authentic local culture and do what Spaniards do!

This celebration takes place in October in Jaén, a lovely city in Andalusia, and lasts for a week or more. San Lucas day is the 18th October and the Fiestas may slightly vary from year to year: in 2021, the celebrations will start on the 9th and finish on the 18th October.

For some days every year Jaén is filled with people, events, music and entertainment for all those who want to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Where does this festivity come from?

Originally, it was linked to cattle and agriculture, the two main economic resources of the city. This is actually very common in rural areas, where people have always honoured the local saint patrons to thank them and ask them protection.

how people celebrate the Fiestas de San Lucas in Spain


Nowadays the local economy has changed, however people keep celebrating this ancient festivity, which is an opportunity to gather and take part in sport activities, concerts and other cultural events.

The Fiestas take place in the “recinto ferial”, a dedicated area which is normally filled with stands open to all people who want to spend some time taking part in the activities offered or want to eat some tapas and local specialties.

This year, due to the Covid-19 rules, the “recinto ferial” will be split into two areas, one with four big stands and another with all the different events and attractions; the entrance will be constantly controlled to let a maximum number of people in. All concerts will take place in the “auditorio de La Alameda” and some events, such as the fireworks, won’t take place because of the current rules in place. However, it’s nice to be back to the San Lucas celebration!

Would you enjoy taking part in this lovely festivity?


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