Do you know some vocabulary about food in Spanish?

Learning food in Spanish is essential to be able to order in a restaurant, go shopping when in Spain and follow traditional recipes in the original language. Also, food is really central in the Spanish culture, so people love cooking, eating together and, of course, talking about food!

This is why going through some vocabulary will help you learn some of the basic words for ingredients you use every day.

Let’s have a look!

La fruta – Fruit

Manzana –> Apple

Plátano –> Banana

Naranja –> Orange

Limón –> Lemon

Pera –> Pear

Fresa –> Strawberry

Frambuesa –> Raspberry

Arándano –> Blueberry

Zarzamora –> Blackberry

Cereza –> Cherry

Melocotón –> Peach

Ciruela –> Plum

La verduras – Vegetables

Zanahoria –> Carrot

Berenjena –> Aubergine

Cebolla –> Onion

Espinaca –> Spinach

Ajo –> Garlic

Pepino –> Cucumber

Tomate –> Tomato

Lechuga –>Lettuce

Alcachofa –> Artichoke

Patata –> Potato

Brócoli –> Broccoli

Champiñones –> Mushrooms

La carne – Meat

Carne –> Beef

Cordero –> Lamb

Cerdo –> Pork

Pollo –> Chicken

Ternera –> Veal

Turkey –> Pavo

El pescado y el marisco –> Fish and seafood

Bacalao –> Cod

Pulpo –> Octopus

Almejas –> Clams

Salmón –> Salmon

Atún –> Tuna

Cangrejo –> Crab

More food!

Pan –> Bread

Arroz –> Rice

Queso –> Cheese

Huevo –> Egg

Jamón –> Ham

Mantequilla –> Butter

Galletas –> Cookies

Helado –> Ice cream

Tarta –> Pie

How many of these words did you know? You have quite a lot of useful vocabulary to learn: start from the most common things you eat or use when you cook, it will be easier to memorise them!

What are your favourite ingredients?

If you like cooking and want to improve your Spanish, following some food channels is a nice idea!

And if you are willing to start learning Spanish from scratch, look at our Spanish Beginner 1 course!