Ready for our live streaming with Franco Arminio on the 7th May?

Franco Arminio is an Italian poet and paesologist: if you have never heard this word before is because he introduced it a while ago referring to a new discipline, called “paesology”, which is based on observing and studying the deepest soul of towns. The focus is the present and the future of towns that have been almost completely abandoned, figuring out their potential.

Born in a little village in Southern Italy, Bisaccia, he’s always lived there: after the terrible earthquake that destroyed his area in 1980, he started paying a peculiar attention to “the inland Italy”, with all its enchanting towns and eternal issues.

Through Arminio’s works it’s possible to follow a fascinating path which leads to his vision of Italy and of the world, a complex yet simple way to consider life, relationships, time, society, love.

During our live streaming, on the 7th May at 7pm (Italy time), we will have a chat with Franco Arminio about some pillars of his poetics and his point of view about current human trends.

Curious to discover more?

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During the live you will be able to ask questions to Franco Arminio leaving your comments: at the end of the interview, we will dedicate some time to go through all of them.

A fantastic opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and hear more about some aspects of his thought.

See you next week!

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