Have you ever heard about Girona, in Spain?

Girona is a province of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

Less famous than the close Barcelona but incredibly beautiful and rich of history, it is an interesting destination for your holidays.

Founded by the Romans in the I century B.C., it is a fascinating city which mixes roman, jewish and arabic influences in a suggestive architecture.

The most visible mark of the Roman domination are the city walls what define the Força Vella, the ancient part of the city.

What to visit

Call – This is the name of the Jewish area, definitely the most characteristic of the city, where you can visit the Jewish Museum and get lost through the knot of little picturesque streets.

Cattedrale (Cathedral)- As soon as you enter you will be astounded by the huge gothic central nave, the biggest in the world.

Moreover, in the cloister you will notice the original Romanesque part built in the 11th century.

Museu d’Art (Art Museum) – Don’t miss the impressive collection preserved in this museum: around 8500 pieces of art, mostly from this region, from the Romanesque art to the most Contemporary art works.

Bagni Arabi (Arab Baths) – Close to the Cattedrale, you can find this Romanesque construction inspired by the Roman baths and realized in the 12th century.

The style was similar to the Arab baths which at that time were very popular throughout Spain.

Pont de Pedra (Stone Wall) – Among the several bridges on the river Oynar, which splits the city in two parts, have a look at this monumental bridge built with the typical stone blocks characterised by many visible fossils on the surface.

Plaça de la independencia – One of the most popular places in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy a drink in one of the several bars and take part in the social life.

What to eat

The Catalonian cuisine will surprise you with tasty dishes that come up from different influences.

Try the famous pa and tomàquet, a very simple dish made of bread smeared of tomato, oil and garlic and the sarsuela, shellfish cooked in a sauce made of onion, garlic, sherry, tomatoes and paprika.

Another flavory dish is the  fideua, a kind of paella made with pasta instead of rice.

Are you dreaming about Girona? Have a look at some lovely pictures and see what this amazing city can offer!

Are you ready to discover it?