Are you a Gomorra Series lover?

The Gomorra Series includes 4 seasons and is inspired to the crime book Gomorra, written by Roberto Saviano.

Since the first season Gomorra was a great success: the violent war between the camorra‘s clans is definitely very engaging.

Even though the whole series is in Neapolitan dialect, its success was international.

Napoli is the city in the background.

In its outskirts, wretched and fascinating at the same time, drug trafficking and murders take place regularly and guarantee the supremacy of the main clan.

The fight for the power gets more and more violent as the story carries on.

However, we can notice some big changes that give a completely different mark to the series.

The character’s evolution has a strong impact on the story.

From the streets of Scampia and Secondigliano (the main areas of Naples where Gomorra takes place), Gennaro Savastano starts a new business that in the last season takes him to London.

He tries to move away from his previous life and clean himself up, especially to guarantee a normal life to his son Pietro.

In the fourth series we saw a very different story, definitely slower and very focused on the character’s psychology but equally intriguing.

What about the fifth series?

Roberto Saviano wrote the script of the fifth series, as he announced with a post on his social networks.

At present it is not clear when it will be filmed and broadcasted.

Apparently it will follow the film “L’Immortale” about Ciro Esposito, expected for December 2019.

Ciro was Genny’s mentor and best friend at the beginning of the series and kept a very important role until the end of the third season.

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