The second season of Gomorra just came to an end and people are already waiting for the next one.

The Tv serie based on the book Gomorra, by Roberto Saviano, has been a great success so far, not only in Italy but also abroad.

But why is it so popular amongst people?

One of the reasons is definitely the adrenaline charged climax of turn of events and killing that make you stuck to the television. But most of all, there are unforgettable characters that rule the whole serie and are now incredibly famous because of their specific features and ways to say.

Let’s go through all of them!

Pietro Savastano – He is the kingpin of his clan, a cruel boss who doesn’t accept to share his power with anyone else. Nothing softens him, neither the jail nor his private grief.

Gennaro Savastano – He is Pietro’s son, initially a bad egg, irresponsible and unable to follow in his father’s footsteps as he is supposed to. After a very tough experience, he starts worrying about the kingdom built by his father, temporarily jailed. Kenny becomes more and more hungry for power and competitive towards Pietro.

Imma Savastano – She is Pietro’s wife, at the beginning standing by his side and supporting him through good and bad times, then taking over her husband’s role and becoming a real iron lady for a while. She doesn’t show any regrets and goes straight to her goals without worrying about people, not even her son.

Ciro Di Marzio – He leads the armed group of Pietro Savastano. A double faced guy made of several contradictions and full of sense of revenge against who tries to stop him in his run towards the power. Despite his cruelty, Ciro is probably the character who shows more sense of guilt for his behaviours, even though that doesn’t make him change anything as to mean that his destiny can’t be any different from how it is.

Salvatore Conte – He is a young boss who left Naples after a fight against Pietro Savastano but still carries on his business with the Savastano’s clan. A smart, witty criminal mind that acts without remorse, constantly plotting to get his power back.

And you…have you watched the TV serie? Which character do you like the most?