What do you expect from good quality Spanish classes?

We believe that good quality Spanish classes should provide many opportunites to practice.

And above all, learning Spanish should be good fun!

That is why learning how to cook a typical Spanish recipe could be very motivating.

So have you ever tasted the authentic pulpo a la gallega?

It is a delicious dish from Galicia and, unlike what you might think, it is quite simple.

This recipe is also known as polbo à feira: feira means “holidays” and this name refers to the fact that it was normally prepared during the holidays.

What makes it so good is the good quality of the ingredients, so choose them very carefully before you start.

Let’s go through the ingredients!

1 pulpo de kilo –> 1 octopus, about 1 kg in weight

4 patatas –> 4 potatoes

1 cebolla pequeña –> 1 small onion

2 hoja de laurel –> 2 bay leaves

aceite de oliva virgen extra –> extra virgin olive oil

pimentón –> paprika

sal –> salt

And now, let’s make it!

Bring a large pot of water to the boil, adding onion, bay leaves and some salt.

Then grab the octopus from the head and immerse the tentacles in the boiling water three times.

After that, cook the octopus around 30 minutes at medium heat.

Let the octopus rest in cooking liquid until it cools down.

Peel the potatoes and slice them.

Boil them into the octopus cooling liquid until soft.

Almost done!

Cut the octopus into small pieces and take a nice serving plate.

Then prepare a base of sliced potatoes topped with the octopus.

Add some sea salt, paprika and good extra virgin olive oil.

Your amazing pulpo a la gallega is ready!

Your guests will be very surprised to taste your amazing Spanish dinner!

It is not difficult to make, isn’t it?

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