Let’s learn how to say goodbye in Italian!

There are many ways to say goodbye in Italian depending on the situation and it’s worth learning all of them to be able to use the right expression. One of the differences between expression is the level of formality required: for example, in Italian we use a formal expression when we talk to people that we don’t know, that are older than us or at work.

In an informal context we normally use completely different expressions that may vary depending on the meaning. There are many informal expressions to go through!

Here you have many options to say goodbye!

First of all let’s go through the formal expressions that we can use.

Arrivederci –> Goodbye

Buonasera –> Good evening

Salve –> Bye

A risentirci –> Goodbye (to end a phone call)

If we want to go even further, we might use “arrivederla”, which is the most formal way to say goodbye and is perfect if you want to be extremely polite with your interlocutor.

how to say goodbye in Italian


And now some informal expressions!

Ciao –> Bye

A presto –> See you soon

A domani –> See you tomorrow

Alla prossima –> See you next time

Ci vediamo –> See you

Ci sentiamo presto –> Speak to you soon

A dopo –> See you later

As you can see, you can choose among a good number of options, depending on the meaning and the situation. Can you think of any other expressions to use? Have you heard anything different?

Try to use all these expressions in your daily life and get familiar with them!

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