Do you know how to say goodbye in Spanish?

There are many ways to goodbye in Spanish depending on the specific meaning of your greeting, so if you know only one it will be very useful to go through a bunch of other words and expressions to say that. This will make you sound like a native and give you the opportunity to choose among different shades of meaning.

There are more formal expressions or very informal ways to say goodbye, that we can use in different contexts. Sometimes is also possible to combine two expressions to reinforce our goodbye.

Let’s have a look!

Adiós –> Goodbye

Hasta luego –> See you later

Hasta pronto –> See you soon

Hasta mañana –> See you tomorrow

Hasta la próxima –> See you next time

Hasta el próximo mes –> See you next month

Hasta la próxima semana –> See you next week

Nos vemos –> See you

Espero verte pronto –> I hope to see you soon

Me voy –> I’m leaving

If you have just met someone and you are saying goodbye, you can add “mucho gusto“, (nice to meet you) or “un placer” (a pleasure), to express that you are glad to have met this person.

What if we need to say goodbye in writing?

There are many ways to write goodbye in an email or text message as well, all different and depending on the level of formality/informality.

Here you have some common expressions:

Atentamente –> Sincerely

Cordialmente –> Sincerely/cordially

Mejores saludos –> Best regards

Afectuosamente –> Affectionately

Un beso –> A kiss

Besos y abrazos –> Kisses and hugs

How many greetings do you currently use? Try to learn some more for any occasions!

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