How do we use “grazie” in Italian?

“Grazie” in Italian is one of the most common words that we say every day and even if you have never studied the language, you might have learnt it on holiday or speaking with your Italian friends, as well as some greeting and other words that we say all the time!

“Grazie” means “thank you” or “please”, depending on how we use it. In Italian many words can have different meanings and it’s important to understand the difference to be able to use them correctly in a conversation. Most of the time translating doesn’t help much, as we might translate words in a single way without catching the original context: the best way is going through a lot of examples in Italian and learn the different ways to use a word!

Let’s see some examples!

Italian English
Grazie per il regalo, è bellissimo! Thank you for the present, it’s amazing!
Grazie per il vostro aiuto! Thank you for your help!
  • Vuoi un caffè?
  • Sì, grazie!
  • Do you want a coffee?
  • Yes, please!


There are some variations when we want to thank someone, for example:

grazie mille

grazie tante

molte grazie

grazie di tutto

The first three expressions mean “thanks a lot”, whilst the last one means “thanks for everything”. All are very common in Italian, so it’s worth learning them as you will definitely hear these ways to thank someone. It’s also important to know a variety of expressions to understand your interlocutor and sound more natural with natives!

Is it the same in your language? How many ways do you have to say “thank you”?

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