Have you ever thought about what a green city is?

Well, a green city is normally a modern one, where the environment is extremely respected.

It means that the government cares about it and tries to find all the best solutions to keep the city green and fight against pollution.

Nowadays this is an important aspect of living in a big city, but how can a city go green?

Sevilla is a perfect example!

This beautiful Spanish city became the capital of cycling in Southern Europe.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Especially if we consider that around the 50% of Spaniards use only their car and cycling is not popular in the rest of Spain.

Nowadays, if you go to Sevilla, you can see people of all ages pedaling in their normal clothes, using bicycles as the only mean of transport within the city.

How was that possible?

This big change was carefully planned and, at the beginning, nobody seemed to believe in it.

But then lanes were built, fences removed…and people just started to use them!

Since 2008 the use of bicycles boomed!

Everything was perfectly realised: cyclists have a kerb and fences to protect them from the traffic.

Nowadays Sevilla has 75 miles of segregated lanes and a bike hire scheme to allow everyone to take the bike.

People who arrive at the station can use their ticket to rent a bicycle and students are provided with bicycles during their studies.

This revolution had great consequences.

The use of bicycles constantly reduced pollution and created a healthier environment.

In addition to that, Sevilla now offers amazing bike tours around the city and its beautiful surroundings, which consistently increased the number of tourists.

But the use of bicycles was also part of a wider programme to discourage the use of cars: for example the creation of many pedestrian areas in the city centre.

So if you like this kind of lifestyle, Sevilla would be perfect for you!

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