The trip starts over  a charming old town. The first steps toward the center offer  boundless and rural glimpses.
Immediately fascinated by the city centre’s elegance and authority. Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma and you’re instantly in Via XX Settembre, you arrived.

The time is marked by a coffee and a Merenda Sinoira. Walking from Piazza Castello to Piazza Vittorio you are in a city that does not give up, that struggles. Students occupy the common area, constantly searching something else that still is not clear what it is.

Feeling  at home in a foreign place is a privilege that few places offer, Turin does with extreme generosity.

The day before an important meeting the tension mounts and it’s nice to share this emotional charge with fellow of several trips and continuous considerations. You get there one by one to raise the wait.

The morning comes and the heart beats, more and more people fill the room that you had meticulously prepared the day before.

You start talking and all the tension disappears, look into the eyes of your fellow travelers and think of where it all started and how nice was that journey.

After intense hours, ideas, thoughts, that allow you to leave with the conviction to be different, to have learned so much once again, is done.

Turin greets you on a cold February evening whitewashed by a snow that falls elegantly as the sidewalks where you are walking.

Suddenly the night ends and the curve is over. Then you dream of Sicilian’ sun which will welcome you in May.

“Le Parole Sono Importanti” continues on May 16th in Cefalù.