…and here we are! The Happy Summer Tour Video!

Our Happy Summer Tour in 2014 was a fantastic opportunity to travel around Italy: a great experience in Bologna, Roma and Morano, where we did “Le Parole sono Importanti”, a workshop for Italian teachers.

Going around different cities and meeting all the teachers who took part in our workshops was fantastic: sharing ideas, talking about the most innovative methodologies, creating activities for students and getting inspiration from each participant was such a good feeling!

We talked about interesting topics related to language teaching and worked on them in groups, discussing all together and always trying to add more ideas to improve our teaching practice.

What did we talk about?

Our workshops included three topics: the first one was about the writing ability and how to build the student’s “interlingua”, then we thought about the use of social networks in teaching and learning a language and the use of comics in Italian classes for foreigners.

For each topic, all the participants were involved in group works: this is definitely the best part and all the teachers were enthusiast about it!

At the end of each day, we had all learnt something new, which was the real value of our workshops.

Watch the video and have a fun!

Happy Summer Tour Gallery 

Workshop “Le Parole Sono Importanti”, 30th July 2014 Morano Calabro (CS)

Workshop “Le Parole Sono Importanti”, 28th July 2014 Roma

Workshop “Le Parole Sono Importanti”, 25th July 2014 Bologna


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