Ready to learn some holiday Italian for beginners?

If you are about to leave for Italy, learning basic holiday Italian for beginners is essential to communicate in everyday situations even when people don’t speak English fluently.

And if you are learning Italian it will be a good challenge for you! Speaking Italian with natives is definitely a massive goal, so starting from easy conversation is the best way to get more confidence: once you start you will be so excited to speak Italian!

So let’s go through some useful phrases to learn before your holiday in Italy!


Ciao –> Hi (informal)

Buongiorno –> Good morning (formal)

Buon pomeriggio –> Good afternoon (formal)

Buonasera –> Good evening (formal)

Buonanotte –> Good night (formal and informal)

Arrivederci –> Goodbye (formal)

Polite expressions.

Grazie. –> Thank you.

Prego. –> You’re welcome.

Scusa. –> Excuse me (informal).

Scusi. –> Excuse me (formal).

Mi dispiace. –> I’m sorry.

Per favore. –> Please.

Speaking with natives.

Non parlo italiano. –> I don’t speak Italian.

Parlo poco italiano. –> I speak a little Italian.

Parli inglese? –> Do you speak English? (informal)

Parla inglese? –> Do you speak English? (formal)

Non capisco. –> I don’t understand.

Puoi parlare lentamente, per favore? –> Could you speak slowly please? (informal)

Può parlare lentamente, per favore? –> Could you speak slowly please? (formal)

learn some holiday Italian for beginners

At the hotel.

A che ora è la colazione? –> At what time is breakfast?

C’è il Wi-fi? Qual è la password? –> Is there Wi-fi? What’s the password?

Mi può consigliare un buon ristorante? –> Could you recommend me a good restaurant? (formal)

Avete il servizio di deposito bagagli? –> Do you have a left-luggage service?

L’aria condizionata non funziona. –> The air conditioning is not working.

Posso cambiare stanza? –> Can I change room?

At the restaurant.

Posso avere il menù? –> Can I have a menu?

Posso ordinare per favore? –> Can I order please?

Cosa mi consiglia? –> What do you recommend me? (formal)

Sono vegetariano. –> I’m vegetarian.

Quali sono gli ingredienti di questo piatto? –> What are the ingredients of this dish?

Posso avere un altro bicchiere? –> Can I have another glass?

Posso avere il conto? –> May I have the bill?

Using these phrases will simplify your stay in Italy: people will be happy to communicate in Italian when possible and this will be incredibly satisfying for you! Don’t wait any longer, start learning!

Ready to go?


If you want to learn more, check our online resources and video tutorials, great to practise pronunciation as well!