Do you need to learn some holiday Spanish for beginners?

As we are slowly returning to normal after the lockdown, you may be planning to travel to Spain or a Spanish speaking country on holiday. Holiday Spanish for beginners includes useful phrases to use while you travel in a Spanish speaking country: either if you already speak a bit of Spanish or if you don’t, these phrases are very important to communicate with natives and manage everyday situations.

This is essential when you meet people that don’t speak your language: learning the basic ways to greet people, ask information and say what you need will make you feel at ease.

Let’s go through some phrases!


Hola –> Hi

Buenos días –> Good morning

Buenas tardes –> Good afternoon

Buenas noches –> Good evening/good night

Adiós –> Goodbye

Hasta luego –> See you later

Useful expressions and phrases

Gracias –> Thank you

Lo siento –> I’m sorry

Por favor. –> Please.

Excuse me (to get attention) –> Disculpe

No entiendo –> I don’t understand

¿Hablas inglés? –> Do you speak English?

No hablo español bien –> I can’t speak Spanish well

¿Me ayuda? –> Can you help me?

learn some holiday Spanish for beginners

At the hotel

Tengo una reservación para dos –> I have a reservation for two people

¿Hay habitaciones libres? –> Do you have any available rooms?

¿A qué hora es el desayuno? –> At what time is breakfast?

¿Hay una piscina? –> Do you have a swimming pool?

¿Tiene el hotel acceso a Internet? –> Does the hotel have Internet access?

At the restaurant

¿Tiene una mesa para cuatro personas a las ocho? –> Do you have a table for four people at 8pm?

La carta, por favor –> Can I have the menu, please?

¿Cuál es el menú de hoy? –> What’s today’s set menu?

¿Qué me recomienda? –> What do you recommend?

La cuenta, por favor –> Can I have the bill, please?

These phrases are very simple ways to interact with natives and feel confident saying basic things in Spanish, so we strongly recommend you to spend some time learning them before you leave.

Speaking a bit of Spanish will feel so good!

If you want to learn more, follow this link or watch our video tutorials on Youtube!

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