Have you already learnt how to say how are you in Italian?

Learning how to say how are you in Italian is one of the first things to go through as a student! After the main greetings, asking that is important to start a simple conversation and be polite.

In all the languages there are different expressions to use, depending on your preference and on the situation. For example, in Italian formality and informality affect the way we use verbs and, consequently, the expressions to use change.

Don’t forget that in Italian, when we want to be formal with someone, we use the third person singular of the verb!

Let’s see some expressions!

Come stai? –> How are you? (Informal)

Come sta? –> How are you? (Formal)

Come va? –> How are you? (Formal and Informal)

Tutto bene? –> Is everything ok? (Formal and Informal)

Come ti senti? –> How are you feeling? (Informal)

Come si sente? –> How are you feeling? (Formal)

how to say how are you in italian

How should we answer?

Bene –> Well

Benissimo –> Very well

Così così –> So and so

Non c’è male –> Not too bad

Non posso lamentarmi –> I can’t complain

Un po’ stanco/stanca –> A bit tired

Male –> Bad

After the answer, the follow up question is e tu? if you want to be informal, e Lei? if you want to be formal: both mean “and you?”, but we use them in different contexts depending on our relationship with the other person.

If someone says that is not feeling good or that things are not ok, we can reply with mi dispiace, “I’m sorry”.

Start using all these expressions straight away with your friends and family: the more you practise the easier it becomes!

If you want to learn more about the Italian language, have a look at this link. Also, there are some lovely video tutorials on our Youtube channel to watch!