Are you wondering how to learn to speak Italian fast?

If you want to understand how to learn to speak Italian fast, there are some useful tips to follow in order to reach your goals quickly.

First of all, it’s necessary to attend a language course or to take some individual classes with a professional teacher: committing to regular lessons is the first step to progress supported by someone who can guide you and find the best way to move on.

However, if you want to speed up your learning process, you need to put an extra effort on top on your classes and take advantage of any possible way to practise: if you don’t live in Italy, you should try to expose yourself to the Italian language as much as you can.


If you like using apps, have a look at our top ten to choose among the best on the market: apps can’t replace Italian classes, but can be used besides them to expand and strengthen your vocabulary and work on pronunciation!


Working on your listening skills is crucial but careful: it’s important to start from your level because listening to something which is too advanced wouldn’t help you develop your competence. If your goal is speaking with natives, listening is equally important as it allows you to interact with people without problems.

There are many useful resources to try, starting from podcasts for Italian students and moving to more complex ones. Have a look here!

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If you don’t live in Italy, this is the most difficult skill to practise: this is why a native teacher and a group of people to speak with are so important! But you can do even more: for example, you can try a language exchange with someone in your city or online: this might be a fun and cheap way to speak more and make new Italian friends!

Alternatively, if you know Italian shops and bars it could be a nice way to get in touch with natives and hear some authentic Italian!

Ready to accept this challenge and start learning?


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