Wondering how to learn to speak Spanish fast?

A lot of students ask questions about how to learn to speak Spanish fast as they are concerned about their progress and the time needed in order to become fluent. Sometimes they have specific needs or they just want to understand what is the best method to improve at a good speed.

If you want to learn a language, attending a language course or taking one-to-one classes with a professional teacher is essential: guided by a professional you can build your knowledge, practise and take your Spanish to the next step.

Obviously learning is something totally personal, so nobody can guarantee in how much time we can reach a goal, but there are simple things that we can do on top of some classes to try an immersion in the language!

And careful: in order to improve your speaking, you should work on different abilities, such as listening, as this would help you build and reinforce your linguistic competence!

So let’s see what to do!

Do you like using apps on your way to work? If you enjoy apps, have a look at our dedicated article and discover what’s the best for you. Although apps can’t replace a group course or one-to-one lessons, they might be useful to consolidate what you learnt, fix some structures and expand your vocabulary.  Some apps allow you to practise with native speakers and simulate conversations. So much fun!

tips to discover how to learn to speak Spanish fast


Speaking with someone involves listening to the interlocutor: you can listen to different things during the day, even while you are doing something else! Here you can find our suggestions: podcasts, radio channels and, if you prefer, TV channels to have a look at. You can also watch our video tutorials, very useful to work on pronunciation!

And, last but not least, speaking: catch all the possible opportunities to speak Spanish with natives, for example through a language exchange. Have you ever tried?

A mix of these activities would be ideal to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and boost your Spanish.

Step up your game!