Without doubt Southern Italy is well known for its tasteful cuisine and for its intense flavours which are part of a long tradition that still astonishes tourists from all over the world.

Everyone surely knows one of the best Southern Italy food : I’m talking about Arancine, a sort of fried rice timbale filled with cheese, peas and eggs, spiced with saffron. They are perfect as antipasto as well as first course. Thanks to its unique flavour it is known worldwide and loved by all the tourists who come to visit this beautiful region.

This special fried meal was born in the South of Italy, in Sicily, and today every Sicilian family still cooks it at home or buys it down the street and into the famous Rosticcerie. Preparing them is quite easy, you just need few ingredients like rice, oil, tomato sauce, saffron, eggs, mincemeat, peas, cheese and breadcrumbs.

First of all you have to boil the rice, ( preferably the parboiled rice); then let it cool down, so you easily handle it; in the meantime prepare the filling: cook together the mincemeat with herbs, oil, peas and tomato sauce for about one hour and let the eggs hard-boil; then prepare and cut the cheese in little cubes. Now flavour the rice with a pinch of saffron so it will taste much better.

Once you have prepared the filling you will enjoy stuffing the balls of rice! As the rice is cold you can take it and make little balls to fill with pieces of eggs, cheese and mincemeat. Close the balls with other rice and roll them in breadcrumbs. Now you just have to fry them until they get a golden colour.

Enjoy Arancine with a tasteful glass of red Italian wine! You will love them!