Long term Italian classes in London have the purpose to support you from a Beginner to a Proficiency level.

If your goal is reaching a very high competence, starting long term Italian classes in London is the right choice.

At Happy Languages, we structure our courses in this perspective.

Our priority is guiding students step by step and supporting them all way long.

Let’s see what we offer!

Our courses are based on the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

Each level, from A1 to C2, is split into 3 courses of 15 hours.

This means that studying 45 hours will allow you to complete a level.

How long will it take to complete a level?

Our courses take place once per week for 10 weeks, therefore it normally takes 7-8 months.

It goes without saying that the hours of lesson are not enough.

Students are expected to study and practice the language as much as they can.

Between lessons you will have homework so that you can always keep on track.

The more you are exposed to the Italian language, the better!

And now some useful advice to succeed!

Reaching the proficiency takes time and requires a big effort.

At some point you might be tempted by skipping some courses and jumping to a higher level.

Even so…we strongly recommend to avoid that!

If you follow the natural sequence you won’t take the risk of big gaps to fill and will move on smoothly.

Another important things is not to take long breaks between courses.

We understand that sometimes you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of things to do.

If you stop learning for a long time, when you go back to your course you feel lost.

So bite the bullet and go ahead!

But if for any reason you skip a term, don’t worry: you can repeat the last course attended in order to revise everything before moving on.

Learning a language is a great challenge…ready to accept it?