Long term Spanish Classes in London are structured to guide you towards proficiency.

At Happy Languages, our long term Spanish classes in London are carefully planned in order to make students progress.

So if your goal is reaching an advanced level, following the courses we designed is the perfect learning path.

How are courses structured?

First of all, courses are based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

Each level is split in three courses and each course lasts 10 weeks, for a total of 15 hours.

This means that students complete a level in 45 hours lesson spread over around 7-8 months.

An important aspect is the possibility to revise the main contents at the end of each course and at the beginning of the following one.

Studying constantly and practicing as much as possible are the keys of success!

The right approach is filling the days between lessons with homework, reading and speaking Spanish any time you can.

Only in this way you can make the most of your course!

Also, it would be ideal to avoid long breaks between courses and trying to keep on track.

If you stop studying for more than a month, it would be normal to make a step back.

In this case, no panic!

If you have a long break, repeating a course before moving to the next one is absolutely fine.

This is another advantage of our courses!

If you think it might take time to reach your goal, well…yes, it does.

Time is an essential factor as language acquisition is not something that you can speed up as you like.

That is why we recommend not to jump from a course to another without following the natural progression.

If you do, you might feel completely lost because of some big gaps to fill.

And feeling lost often corresponds to a lack of motivation so…keep going!

Don’t forget to go through our online resources and video tutorials.

Ready for your next goal?