Have you ever said I love you in Italian?

If you have an Italian partner you probably know how to say I love you in Italian, or you might have heard this expression watching a movie. However, it’s important to distinguish between two ways of saying that, as they are used in different situations.

Basically, if you address a member of your family or your fiancé the expression to use is different and it’s important to use the right one!

Let’s discover how to say that!

Ti voglio bene –> I love you, normally used with family and friends to show affection or with someone you are dating, who is not yet your partner.

Ti amo –> I love you, used with your partner to express romantic love.

Choosing the right expression is important to avoid any embarassment: if you use “Ti voglio bene” with your partner it might sound a bit cold, whilst saying “Ti amo” to a friend could be misunderstood.

You can use “ti amo” if you are in a relationship with someone, for example with:

Fidanzato –> boyfriend/fiancé

Fidanzata –> girlfriend/fiancée

Marito –> husband

Moglie –> wife

Careful: in Italian we use “fidanzato/fidanzata” both for an informal or for a formal relationship. We also use “ragazzo/ragazza” with the same meaning.

how to say I love you in Italian


There are many other romantic expressions to go even further, have a look!

Amore mio –> My love

Tesoro –> Darling

Sono innamorato/a di te –> I’m in love with you

Mi manchi –> I miss you

Ti amerò per sempre –> I will love you forever

Ready to surprise your partner with these lovely expressions? Try to use them!

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