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Ilaria Gaspari is a popular Italian author with a very peculiar background: she graduated in Philosophy and gained a PhD at Sorbonne University in Paris. This academic path led her to a very different career though. After her PhD, she decided to change everything and started writing, putting her knowledge and experience in her books.

In addition to that, she collaborates with several newspapers and magazines and has been hosted by Fiorella Mannoia in her TV programme La versione di Fiorella, where Ilaria comments some facts of the day from her unique perspective.

How can philosophy be used to live better?

After her debut, Etica dell’acquario, an intriguing story built around the investigation over a mysterious suicide published in 2015, she started using philosophy to help others through interesting and enjoyable books that make people get closer to a sort of “daily philosophy” to be applied in very common situations.

In her second book, Ragioni e sentimenti. L’amore preso con Filosofia, Ilaria Gaspari started facing the difficulties and problems of love supported by philosophers and famous authors. This is what she does also in Lezioni di felicità. Esercizi filosofici per il buon uso della vita, where, starting from a deep sorrow, happiness is chased through the teaching of famous philosophic movements and their major representatives.

In 2021 she published her last book Vita segreta delle emozioni, which is about all the most common positive and negative emotions that many times make us feel ashamed: however, each of them has a specific story, tightly linked to all the philosophers and authors who have felt them and wrote about them. Emotions that make us all imperfect, fragile, but human.

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We are very curious to ask Ilaria more about her experience and her way to intend philosophy, which is not relegated to complicated books anymore but becomes part of our life. At the end of our interview, she will be happy to answer some questions!

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