Working on your listening skills in Spanish?

If you are trying to improve your listening skills in Spanish, probably people keep suggesting you to listen something every day.

But what can you listen without getting bored?

You are quite lucky!

There is a huge number of online resources, let’s go through and see how you can use them.

First of all, if you want to make the most of your time on your way to work and back, you should try some good podcasts for learners: choose the right level and download them so that you have a good library on your device.

In some cases you have the chance to download transcriptions as well as revise some grammar: Spanish Obsessed and Podcasts in Spanish offer all these resources, try them!

If you are an intermediate or advanced student and like listening to the radio in Spanish, there is a good choice of stations in streaming: for example, Cadena SER offers the streaming but also fantastic podcasts to download about the topic that you prefer.

Also try Radio Nacional, Ondacero or Catalunya Radio for a mix of news, talk and music.

There are programs that you can listen in streaming, taking the challenge of understanding the context and following a conversation and, after that, you can find the podcast to listen to it again and going through the most difficult parts more than once.

In addition, why don’t you watch some Spanish TV in streaming?

Teledeporte is only one of the several channels you can find.

If you are interested in international politics and current affairs you might like RT Spanish, but try to watch a Spanish TV Serie as well on FDF and see how it goes!

Last but not least, Youtube is perfect to find Spanish movies with subtitles in English or in Spanish: you could even practice with Spanish subtitles first and then watch again with English subtitles to check your comprehension.

Are you spoilt for choice? Pick one resource and start practicing, you will love it!