Are you trying to improve your reading skills in Italian?

If you want to work on your reading skills in Italian you will be spoilt for choice!

There is a huge amount of amazing resources you can easily find online, have a look at the most useful.

  • Short stories are probably the easiest way to start reading in Italian: you can choose a topic that you like, relax on your couch and spend some time practicing. Remember that your goal is not understanding every single words but get the general meaning of the story, so don’t focus too much on words that you don’t understand at first: read a page 2 or 3 times quickly and then choose 5-7 important words to look up in the dictionary. The story gets intriguing, you are ready to move to the next page! Check SìS website to choose among a wide range of stories most of them come with comprehension activities, little games and useful vocabulary. is also a great option to browse through several sections ordered by topic.
  • Newspapers can be a valid option for advanced students to read short and nice articles about something that you already know or you are particularly curious about. La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera are the main Italian newspaper to keep in mind, but you can also find local newspapers if you are interested in a particular region or city.
  • Magazines are perfect to develop a specific vocabulary in Italian while enjoying your usual reading. Do you love fashion? Vogue will capture your attention with the latest trends and fashion shows. If you are into science, Focus is the best magazine to read with nice articles of different length to choose. Google them and try!
  • Children’s stories. Either if you want to share this passion with your children or if you just like fairy tales, The Italian Experiment offers some famous ones with the possibility of checking a translation and listen to a native speaker telling the story. Also explore Il Fantamondo and to enjoy a selection of tales from different countries and traditions.

There is such a great choice, where do you start from?