Are you taking Individual Italian Classes in London at an Elementary Level?

Choosing Individual Italian classes in London can be very convenient in terms of time and location.

Individual lessons are far more flexible and it is easy to arrange them directly with your teacher.

This makes your learning journey much enjoyable!

The Elementary level is also known as A2 (as in the Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

Since the new topics are quite a lot, it is very important to start it using the right textbook.

A good textbook can help support students through the classes and help motivate them!

One of the books we prefer to start this level is Domani 2, published by Alma Edizioni.

The reason why we think it is excellent is its communicative approach.

The book is oriented towards using the Italian language in real life situations.

It is clearly structured to facilitate the communication in Italian about past experiences, shopping, holidays, future plans, desires and many more.

What are the main grammar topics?

The grammar presented is quite wide.

The textbook starts with Direct Object Pronouns and the agreement with the Passato prossimo.

Then it moves to Comparatives.

After that it introduces the Imperfetto and work on the difference between Imperfetto and Passato Prossimo.

It also focuses on the use of Pronouns with the Informal Imperative, on the pronoun “ne” and on Combined Pronouns.

Another important topic is the Present Conditional, followed by Formal Imperative and Future Simple.

What resources does the textbook offer?

The book includes some lovely comics: one nice episode at the end of each module.

Also, it comes with a DVD where students can find a nice short film accompanied by some activities.

You must be very curious now!

Your individual Italian classes in London will be amazing!

In preparation for your lessons, you can also refresh your Italian through our fantastic online resources and video tutorials!