Are you about to start your Individual Italian Classes in London?

If you are going to take Individual Italian Classes in London at Happy Languages and you are not sure about your level, we are here to help!

We believe that assessing your level of competence in Italian is essential.

In fact, this is the starting point to plan your lessons and move smoothly towards your goals.

That is why we normally suggest to take an online assessment first.

This assessment is a quiz you can easily complete with your laptop: it doesn’t take long and you can check your score straight away to have a rough idea of your level.

However, a language is a very complex system made of different abilities and competencies, so this useful online tool does not give you a precise result.

How do we go further?

Well, the next step is talking to a native teacher.

This is the best way to identify exactly your level and understand your needs.

Asking some questions, your teacher will try to find out what you already know in terms of grammar, vocabulary and communication.

After that, he will be able to plan your Individual Italian Classes in London and figure out what kind of materials would be best for you.

But it is not all!

Even though at this point your teacher will have quite a clear idea of what to do and how, the first lesson is also very important as a trial.

Your teacher will prepare a lesson to go through some specific topics and consolidate your previous knowledge, or start from scratch if you have never studied before.

At the end of the class, you will give him your feedback about what you think of the lesson and how you feel about it.

Before starting you can also have a look at our video tutorials to get ready.

Learning Italian in London will be amazing!