Are you wondering if taking Individual Italian Classes in London is worth?

First of all, choosing Individual Italian Classes in London sort out quite a big problem: London is a chaotic city and the idea of reaching the opposite side of the city for a language course might let you down.

Learning Italian in London can turn to a duty instead of a pleasure: that is why sometimes it is necessary to find a different solution.

How do Individual tuitions work?

The great news is that you can have your one-to-one classes wherever is more convenient for you: you can choose to arrange them at your place or at your office if that suits you better.

You can even have lesson in a quite public place that you like while sipping a cup of tea, in a very  relaxed atmosphere.

In terms of days and time, you can easily arrange your tuitions directly with your teacher depending on your schedule.

Who will teach you?

At Happy Languages, since we are DITALS centre (DITALS is the international certification to teach italian to foreigners released by the University for Foreigners of Siena), all the teachers are highly qualified and trained.

This means that you will be taught by a professional who will be able to understand your requests and help you make the most of your course, choosing the best materials and activities to develop your skills.

How are the lessons planned?

After the initial assessment to check your level, you will talk about your goals with your teacher: together you will draft a plan of the course, considering your specific needs and your preferences.

Along the way, your teacher will be able to adjust the initial plan depending on your progress and will keep you updated about any changes to put in place.

How many one-to-one classes should you book?

If you take Individual Italian Classes in London at Happy Languages, you have a choice of different packages of lessons:  5, 10 or 20 classes of different length, as each class can last 1 hour, 1 hour and a half or 2 hours.

The number of classes is totally up to you, but if you are not sure you can book a trial lesson and ask advice to your teacher.

And in addition to your personalized course, why don’t you enjoy some amazing video tutorials on our Youtube Channel?